These features will make you cannot resist the Airwheel SE3S (Chapter 2)

Not only is it convenient to use, but the Airwheel SE3S rideable luggage also ensures sufficient strength and durability in terms of the box structure. It adopts an exclusive patented box frame design, which is integrally formed with 6 series high-grade aluminum alloy, and is reinforced with high-strength riveting to ensure that the box shell is more docile and not deformed. The load can reach 110kg, which can meet the needs of most users. The telescopic push rod motor used to automatically switch between the two states of riding and towing is also made of alloy materials, and after professional telescopic testing, it can continuously telescopic 5000+.

Are you looking for a lightweight folding power wheelchair that is easy to transport?

Electric wheelchairs play an important role in the lives of many people. However, loading these power chairs into your automobile, as an example, can be a difficult process, especially for people who live alone. Airwheel H3TS+ folding motorized wheelchairs are a great solution because they are small, lightweight electric wheelchairs and take up less room than other electric wheelchairs. Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchairs are powered by Li-ion batteries and use DC motors. Users can control the direction and adjust speed by using the joystick controls located on the arm. This wheelchair can be used at low speeds, good road conditions, and will handle low slope.

Airwheel Smart Luggage Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange

To successfully achieve the milestone achievement of going public, it is inseparable from the ecosystem constructed by products, logistics and other modules. Needless to say on the product, Airwheel Indonesia takes intelligent robot luggage as the core, and cooperates with many brands. There are as many as 20,000 distributors on the platform, covering smart luggage, smart travel, engineering tools, household tools and other types. products, to provide quality services for the vast number of users in the Southeast Asian market.

WithAirwheel SE3miniT Smart scooter suitcase, you can make travel less of a drag.

For those who travel often, you’ll agree with me that running around airports to be where you need to be in time could be very tiring. People are busier these days. But our luggages and travel routines haven’t changed much to accommodate our very busy lifestyles. Airwheel SE3miniT smart electric suitcase is equipped with a strong motor wheel, which can be driven by electric energy to help users ride, with the speed of 6km/h. No matter how big the airport or station is, it will not break the legs. It is very simple to use, the user only needs to pull out the smart riding rod. The right side controls the acceleration, and the left side controls the brake, pressing both will reverse. We can flexibly shuttle in the streets and crowded people, making the journey enjoyable.

Is a folding ebike worth it?

Abstract: Are folding bikes worth it?
E-bikes of all types have had a huge growth in popularity and improvement in technology in the past few years. Folding bikes, including folding electric bikes, have also seen a jump in use. This is because they are a convenient mode of transport for commuters or cyclists who need to transport and store their bicycles more easily. Airwheel R5+ smart e bike is worth it, as there are three riding modes that can be selected and switched at will: fitness mode, electric assist mode, and pure electric mode.

What makes you love to ride Airwheel SE3S scooter luggage?

Abstract: Afraid of walking through the huge airports and stations?
Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase is equipped with powerful motor wheels, which can carry users to ride under the drive of electric energy. Its riding speed can reach as high as 13km/h, which is far more efficient than walking for traveling parties in a hurry, and can greatly relieve physical fatigue. When riding, the right handle controls the acceleration, the left handle controls the brake, and it can be reversed when pressing both.

What’s new for the new arrival AirwheelH3TS+smart electric wheelchair?

Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchairs have the performance and manoeuvrability to get you where you want to go and whenever you want to go. The added cooling and heating function let riders enjoy a more comfortable travel in winter and summer. In summer, H3TS+ especially has a built-in cooling system in the back of the chair, and is equipped with a blower device that can blow cool air from the back of the chair to help users relieve heat. In order to cope with the cold winter, the seat cushion is equipped with a heating device, which can increase the surface temperature and open it in advance, so that the user will no longer feel cold when sitting for the first time.

Airwheel SE3miniRide-On Suitcases:Traveling Just Got Easier

Abstract: Airwheel SE3mini scooter suitcase carry-on suitcases are maximizing safety and revolutionizing convenience with their unique design: ridable, chargeable, boarding and smart. Lugging your suitcase can be a travel nightmare. Factor in carrying their bags too and your terminal seems miles away. Now, traveling just got easier with Airwheel SE3mini. Airwheel SE3miniT rideable luggage is specially equipped with a strong motor …

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